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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

SOOOO Cold but still got in the pool

It's a beautiful day today and all is well with the world except it's SOOOO COLD. I'm just not a cold person. Most days you'll find me walking around in so many layers that you'd think I was trying to get ready to go into a deep freezer or something. But alas, I'm just trying to be comfortable while in the house!

Each night my routine is a very quick change into flannel P.J.'s (long legged and long sleeves) and getting into bed where my dear, sweet husband has already turned on the electric blanket. His side is a one (1) and my side is five (5). His side has just the sheet and my side has the sheet and two, yes I did say two, blankets in addition to the electric blanket.  Before going to sleep I'll turn down the electric blanket to one so as not to fry during the night. Can't explain why I'm so cold but I've learned that layering is an art.

This morning I was particularly proud of both the COP and I because even the cold weather and even colder wind at 8:30 a.m. didn't keep us from the pool for water aerobics.  Water aerobics gives us the standard benefits of any exercise, but the use of water in water aerobics supports the body and reduces the risk of muscle or joint injury. It also allows a greater range of motion. It can also prevent overheating through continuous cooling of the body. Most classes last 45 minutes to an hour.

Yes the COP went with me on his day off to water aerobics. Gotta tell you he even went Monday morning with me too.  This morning, however, when we went to sign in the lady on duty told us the pool was rather cool at 85 degrees.  A few of the regulars even decided to not go to class.


The COP and I looked at one another and then just smiled and said - "Let's go for it."  My normal routine includes jumping into the shower at a tepid temperature and then walking down to the pool and getting in quickly. When I do that, the pool feels warm after the tepid shower. This morning, however, just didn't feel the same - it was very cool water when I got in the pool. Surprisingly,  we had a large class.  The COP and I quickly got to the deeper end of the pool so that we'd have more water over our shoulders. But we need not have worried so much because our instructor was ready to help all of us get warm. She proceeded to run us through our paces at a very quick pace and she increased our work-out with weights. So we stayed warm until the end where you're doing your cool down for your muscles and body and boy did that cool down hit you hard this morning!!!  But we did it...we didn't let the cold weather keep us from getting our exercise. So another one down and the next one hopefully will find the water warmer.

We can hope can't we?

How are you starting off the year in getting healthier?

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  1. mom your blog is just darling-just like you! so proud of you for going today even though you weren't feeling so well.