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Yes, I was raised in the South and proud of it!!! My Southern heritage is important to me. To hear my children tell it, you can readily "hear" that I'm from the South. Although I don't think I sound too Southern....but I love having grown up in North Carolina and living in Georgia for the last 20+ years. Nothing can compare with pecan pies, hot summer days, dogwood trees, fried chicken, Georgia clay and FAMILY.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Great weekend visit

This past weekend was a total blast!!!  My sister flew in from D.C. and her companion was her granddaughter.  They arrived Friday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. We drove down to pick them up and they walked out of the terminal and we were right there - couldn't have worked out any better. We were SO excited to have them here and looked forward to our time together.

I'd been working on a special new recipe for bean burritos. A friend at church had received the recipe from her favorite mexican restaurant. You prepare this spice mixture and then add 2 teaspoons per one pound of pinto beans along with enough water to cover them in a slow cooker. You then cook the beans for 24 hours.  We also had the recipe for 2 special sauces for the beans. When we were ready to serve we had corn shells, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, cheese and they were delicious. We had a great dinner together Friday night.

We talked for a while then the famous words we'd hear often over the weekend came - "Can we play a game?" from our little guest.  So off to the closet and out came, Farkle, Uno and Blokus.


For a six year old - she played a mean hand of Uno. It wasn't long and we were all getting tired so off to bed and needed rest to prepare for our Saturday.

After breakfast we girls left for the mall. My sister was looking for a couple particular items for her granddaughter and this little miss loves shopping almost as much as her Nana and Great Auntie!! We had a delightful day. It was an experience to watch this little girl shop. It was even more fun watching her try on her many outfits.  We came upon some great sales. This Nana (sorry, both sisters are called Nana to their respective grandchildren) found some wonderful things for her own granddaughter for her upcoming birthday. We went to a new shoe store and found the tennis shoes that had been on the list of items needed.

We left the mall (we won't say just how long we had been there!!!) and headed over to Whole Foods. We had a ball while there. My sister helped me find gluten free products and the cart was quickly getting full of all sort of new things to try. Most exciting of all was the find of  Xochitl chips - they are amazing!! Thin, crisp, delicious and gluten free!!!  Everyone loves them - even the COP.

We talked, we played games, we went shopping - couldn't have asked for a more wonderful weekend. My niece is an intelligent and well mannered young lady. She knows her games - so be on the lookout if she asks you to play a game with her, it won't be an easy game. She loves to win.

It was a wonderful weekend. I love being with my sister and it was great having her here in Georgia and we're glad her granddaughter came along for the visit. Can't get any better than to have two Southern Sisters together.

What did you do over this past weekend?


  1. so fun mom!!! love that you guys had a great weekend.

  2. and really mom, where are the photos???!!!!

  3. and while we're at it, i think you should put your blog address on your facebook account. just an idea :)

  4. You're so cute Mom!! Glad you guys had a fun weekend!