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Yes, I was raised in the South and proud of it!!! My Southern heritage is important to me. To hear my children tell it, you can readily "hear" that I'm from the South. Although I don't think I sound too Southern....but I love having grown up in North Carolina and living in Georgia for the last 20+ years. Nothing can compare with pecan pies, hot summer days, dogwood trees, fried chicken, Georgia clay and FAMILY.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Decorating for Christmas

Well, Christmas has come and gone but I still have my trees up and will have until after the first of the year. We're having a big New Year's Eve party here so we'll take everything done the first week of January. It makes me sad because I just love the decorations. It gives me such pleasure to sit and watch the trees when they're all aglow.

This is from my purple and gold tree.......

Here's the "red" tree......

I love Santa's and have large and small ones all over the house and on the trees. Who could resist????


 My newest tree is a white and gold one. We didn't decorate downstairs this year as much as usual since all the children couldn't come home for the holidays. We did put up our Christmas village with the new trees that have working lights and also a lighted water fountain. It looked really great. I prepared my Santa display with three trees but added warm lights all through the Santa's and that really gave it that something special the display needed.  Next year with the children and grandchildren here, we'll put up the trees downstairs too.

It's such fun to decorate each tree. Memories of Christmas past flood our hearts and makes us happy. The Cop and I have such fun doing this together. Granted, he gives me plenty of space because he says I know just where I want to place each ornament. Me, I think he just enjoys watching so much...but it works for us. I couldn't do any of the decorating without his muscle and his enjoyment in the process too.

Hope you enjoyed decorating this year...I'm waiting for pictures to be shared on emails, flickr, etc.  It's time for you to start sending them out to us.  I love looking at pictures almost as much as decorating!!!!


  1. Beautiful as always - wish I could have seen it this year! What does the gold one look like? Can't wait to see it!

  2. i personally think you should NEVER take down your trees. they're just too pretty!