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Yes, I was raised in the South and proud of it!!! My Southern heritage is important to me. To hear my children tell it, you can readily "hear" that I'm from the South. Although I don't think I sound too Southern....but I love having grown up in North Carolina and living in Georgia for the last 20+ years. Nothing can compare with pecan pies, hot summer days, dogwood trees, fried chicken, Georgia clay and FAMILY.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Our family agreed that this year's Christmas would be special in that all our gifts would be home made. Well that sounds good in theory and we have some very talented children, but Kent and I began to think - what could we make for 8 children and 15 grandchildren that would mean something and that they would enjoy receiving?

A big task but one we gladly accepted. We made plans - we talked with friends to seek their advice - we searched the internet for ideas and then we were inspired. We began acquiring supplies and we had a blast. Kent and I had such fun at JoAnn's and Michael's. In fact, I had to keep Kent in check - he kept finding new projects to do (perhaps they will work out for next year!!). We worked hard together and we had a lot of fun. Yes, we had hands that became tired and cramped from all the cutting and tying but the end results were beautiful. Each family received a personalized blanket with colors we thought they would enjoy and had the family name stitched on them.

Here's most of them all folded up and stacked waiting to be separated into individual family shipping boxes.


 Here's one completed - they really looked terrific. Have to say, they're very warm too!!

We baked and dipped candies and had such a good time. Everything was made and given with lots of love. Our family means the world to both of us and this Christmas was a special time to share our love through the labor of our hands.

Family - we hope you enjoy your blankets and that the goodies tasted good. We love you and now can't wait for Christmas 2010 - just wait till you open your boxes!!!


  1. We love our gifts and think that you did a fantastic job this year! Thank you again for everything - they're each perfect!!

  2. you did such an amazing job with the presents. just tonight odie took a nap with the blanket and couldn't stop talking about how great it was. and i quote: "this is my new favorite blanket!" i'm sure i'll never get to use it again!